Debugging the myths about dedicated hosting

Since dedicated servers are gaining popularity, there is a lot of criticism appearing, as well. To find out what the true value of the best dedicated server hosting is, let’ debug three main myths about it.

    1. Dedicated hosting does not provide enough control

This is pure misconception: some people think that if a professional service provider looks after server hardware, it limits control and accessibility. In fact, the only arguable disadvantage is that you don’t have physical access to the server since it is located in some data-center. Dedicated web hosting provider is in charge for server maintenance. They take all security measures to protect data and server.

The second part of this statement sounds well. Then what is bad about having experienced people helping you with maintenance and security?  Control and access mostly depend on the type of selected service and hosting company. Even in this case the client can fully control resources and platforms, solutions and applications hosted. Most often, users are granted more accessibility and management than they supposed, and provider’s support allows having more free time.

    2. Dedicated hosting is not reliable

This misconception is closely connected with the first one. Today, dedicated hosting plans are simple to customize, and are totally accessible for the client, but this is not the only advantage. Dedicated hosting presupposed a higher level of quality support than any other environment.

Since resources on a dedicated server belong to one user, he doesn’t have to share them with someone else, and can always have access to required support. This is mission-critical for companies that host real-time apps or platforms facing customers. Without resources, employees may be deprived of access to the platforms required for work, and consumers may lose access required to connect with the e-commerce business.

Besides, some clients are sure that dedicated servers are less redundant than cloud servers. But when constructed the right way, dedicated infrastructure can be available the same way, and failover destinations can also be accessed. When a good web hosting server is chosen, businesses may expect perfect reliability, knowing that service will be available permanently.

    3. Dedicated server costs too much

Regard dedicated web hosting server as an investment, because its benefits are definitely worth paying for. Again, everything depends on the hosting provider. Luckily, modern providers offer a wide range of various plans and tariffs meeting any demands and abilities.

Now you know that these statements are just myths, and you can rely on dedicated servers, no matter what kind of online business you have.




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