Data-centers and their additional services

Data-center provide services in all their components. Those services are known as activities related to processing, storage and management of data.

Thus here are the services that are offered by data-centers:

  1. Support services

The support services are basically the technical service - the solutions of the technical products related problems. The technical support aims to solve technical problems with servers, storage, software and network equipment located in data-centers.

  1. Technical consultations

Such consultations allow organizations to take strategic decisions about system integration and give the view of how the company should proceed in technical sphere.

  1. Outsourcing services

Outsourcing services are the IT-services, such as disaster recovery, data storage or other functions. Such services may begin from hosting and end in upgrading of servers or creation of backups.

  1. Technical training services

The meaning of this service varies depending on industry and aims. Technical training gives needed knowledge and competence to work in a certain technical area.


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