Choosing the right hosting option

What hosting option to choose for a new project? For today there are several variants as well as offered packages and it is not easy for webmasters to choose correctly. Nevertheless, the correct choice of hosting company and the type of hosting is the first and the most important step. Having chosen the company, you must think about the type of hosting that suits your needs the most.

The types of hosting:

Hosting companies usually offer three types of hosting - shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. Let us see all of them separately.

  1. Shared hosting

Shared hosting means that you hosting will be located on the same machine as many others (depending on the power of the host there may be from 10 to 100 and even 1000 projects on the same machine). This is the most common and the most wide-spread option for a small business or private website.

  1. Virtual Private Server or VPS

VPS, also known as VDS (virtual dedicated server) is a single machine that is split into several virtual servers. Clients feel that they own dedicated server with some restrictions. In fact, they are still sharing the resources of a single computer among them. Such users as a rule have full administrative access to server, allowing them to easily install new software and configure it.

VPS is intended for small and medium types of business with relatively high-loaded websites, as well as web-applications. It will suite to those who need certain control and flexibility at a reasonable price.

  1. Dedicated server

Such solution as dedicated server give you a whole machine at your disposal. You don't have to share resources with anybody and this gives you maximum flexibility, control and power, but it will cost a little bit more. Dedicated servers are known to be the great variant for big business and high-loaded websites with great amounts of traffic.

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