Choosing between a dedicated server and hybrid server

When it comes to the best server hosting services, there are two advanced solutions: hybrid servers and dedicated servers. Both have exceptional performance and flexibility, how then a user should choose between them? Let’s discuss the difference between these two web hosting servers and observe what the benefits of each are.

Hybrid Server

They appear to be suitable for any purpose when users traditionally prefer dedicated web hosting. If judging by hosting options, a hybrid server is something between a virtual private server and a more powerful dedicated server. However, there is a serious overlap between the possibilities of a dedicated server and hybrid servers. The second option is a great choice for:

- high-traffic sites;

- systems for content management;

- e-commerce applications;

- data and file storage.

Hybrid servers are perfect for hosting that requires additional flexibility of virtualization: testing, development, continuous integration, clusters for load balancing. Such solution allows deploying new servers fast, and reinstall OS when it is needed.

If you are using a virtual private server, and its resources are not enough anymore, you should consider trying a hybrid server. It will help to prevent outage, improve resources and stop the problem of neighbors using the resources. If your web application or online store has outgrown the possibilities of the current hosting, this is a reasonable solution.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting service is the best solution for clients that need a physically isolated server, e.g. to have all of server’s physical resources belonging only to them. In this case, the environment of client hosting runs on bare metal, and there is no virtualization.

Dedicated web hosting servers are appropriate for those who have long-running services and need reliable performance more than flexibility provided by virtualization. These can be database servers storing mission-critical files, or servers for very high traffic sites and online stores, or applications requiring low latency level. Sites for real-time data analysis and financial trading will benefit, as well.

Since dedicated server is a physical platform, it can scale better than a virtualized platform. The client is free from host operating system and a virtualization level staying between the hardware and his applications. If you need bare server power and total control over environment, a dedicated server would be perfect.

Now you know the difference between these two hosting solutions, you are ready to make the right choice. Dedicated server will be suitable for people who need 100% reliability and all of server’s powers, while hybrid server may be great for users who need to develop and test infrastructure in the Net.



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