CDN influence on SEO

In case CDN is configured correctly it helps to shorten the website load times. It is widely known that the site load times definitely matters in page rank questions. So let us see how CDN influences SEO matters.

Let us state some advantages of CDN for this purpose:

- website speed - the faster load times are known to be the official factor determining how high your website is in the results of the search systems - it was confirmed practically and quickening the website is the standard measure for SEO improving;

- good user experience - quick website leads to good impressions of users, and Google follows it too - they track it using the time that users spent on your website as well as many other not confirmed means.

- load times for Googlebot - mostly the Google servers are located in the USA. Thus the CDN networks that have points of presence in the USA will be able to speed up your website for Googlebot.

- revenue - the use of CDN leads to decrease of load times of your pages, to better user experience and to increase of your page views, clicks or sales and therefore to increase of your revenue.

So the answer about positive effect of CDN for SEO is definitely yes, but you should consider several factors while choosing and using CDN for that purpose:

- it should be configured properly;

- it should have good uptime

- it should have pops in your target area

- it should have servers in the USA for Googlebot


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