CDN for your blog

CDN stands for content distribution network. It may be very useful not only for business-project but also for blogs. Let us see what such network can give to average blog:

  • high speed boost - as soon as you connect your blog to CDN you will experience faster pages loads.
  • almost crash-free experience. In case your blog is gaining popularity it may become very important. When your blog gains more and more traffic the load on it will increase and CDN will help to cope with more high loads by distributing it to multiple servers;
  • better user experience - as soon as you begin using CDN for your blog, you will notice that the users will more eagerly stay on its pages and the number of page views by one user will increase. Really, quicker website means better user experience.
  • improvements in SEO - the faster the website loads, the higher it will be when it comes to search results. This happens because search engines care about users.

CDN advantages for blogs are very important and in case you treat your project serious, CDN will become a must on some stage of project development.

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