CDN – the system for fast content delivery

CDN is the system that allows to quickly distribute the files from geographically spread sources that may exist in different locations. CDN widely uses caching and the use of advanced technologies of search and indexing, as well as synchronization between different POPs. By reducing latency and giving the opportunity to spread the localized cache quickly, the time of content delivery may be reduced greatly. So when should one use CDN?

If you are streaming something or have a big amount of international traffic as well as the need to control the level of caching, you should pay attention to CDN – such distribution network may become a good solution for your content distribution and for its delivery to end user. You should understand that first of all CDN will be of great value for your business – all resources on your company’s website will be available to your clients with minimal latency and your business will look strong for your potential customers.

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