Can you benefit from the dedicated server use?

For most businesses the online activity is one of the key strategies of development and the main mean of marketing. The companies that rely on their websites as the source of income, understand how important it is to provide great response times, optimal work and availability every day. Web-server is the important part of such structure – businesses rely on it as mechanics on their instruments and photographer on his camera. So how can the company benefit from the use of the dedicated server?

Dedicated server is a physical machine that is used by one customer only. Such machine is used to host websites of only one client. That is why those websites may fully use the resources of the machine they are hosted at, such as RAM or processor. Dedicated server is the best solution for any business and website – you don’t have to share the resources with other companies. The website works in its own, separate area and is not influenced by other websites and applications that could have been overloaded. This means that the website won’t slow down because of other projects and their high volumes of traffic. If your website resides on the standard  shared hosting, it may have to struggle with other numerous websites (actually up to 1000) for system resources.

This all makes dedicated server the most secure and reliable type of hosting.

So what makes you think about dedicated server?

First of all, if your website is the main source of your income and any delay or downtime causes losses, think about it. Also think about dedicated server if you experience seasonal high volumes of traffic. Dedicated server will also give you quality support, good specifications, quality server software, additional backups and many more things to consider.

So, what are the advantages of dedicated server?

To begin with, you don’t risk to stay without system resources because of the neighbor website, you get fast response times and great support. Dedicated server is a great reliability, safety, stability, ability to adjust everything or upgrade it if needed.

Are there any disadvantages?

Generally there are no disadvantages and this is the reason why dedicated servers are that popular among different organization. The only thing to consider here is the price of dedicated server – it will be higher than the price of the standard shared hosting. Such investment may seem expensive, but in the long-term perspective will allow you to save money.

Remember, it is better to avoid problem than to deal with existing one. Any website at one point of time may go down and the owner will get irritated because of the loss of money and lack of stable work. If it is about you – think about switching to dedicated server.

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