Best Guide to Choose Hosting Service Provider in the USA

Today, there are tens, if not hundred web hosting providers in the USA, with most of them offering cheap solutions and wide choice of products. How to make the right choice, if you are going to conclude a year contract, and search for long-term partnership?

Check for the Frequency of Shutdowns

Service breakdowns or site shutdowns are very common in IT sphere, and may occur regardless of what hosting provider you choose. Even if you have chosen an excellent, reputable provider, a situation of total service interruption may occur. However, the chance and frequency of shutdowns depend mostly on the company you choose: some hosting providers in USA do their best to avoid breakdowns and problems with service, guaranteeing 99,99% uptime.

Reviews: to Trust or not to Trust?

The first thing that comes to mind is reading the reviews of hosting companies to find out the best variant. However, the current situation with growing number of dedicated servers in Dallas, Ashburn and other cities in the USA, it is not easy to find really accurate and unbiased reviews. Most feedbacks are written not by real users, and tend to be biased.

The number of reviews is tremendous, and it is very hard to find real, useful comments shown in the results of web-searching. Besides, it can be a limited source of information, and a person may not know much about the bad and the good sides of the provider. How the right choice of dedicated hosting in USA should be done then? Try to contact the real users of services by asking in special forums: in this case, you are more likely to get true information.

Do You Really Need Unlimited Domain Names?

Having unlimited number of domain names sound enticing, but, in fact, it is not going to help a lot. Remember: a provider offering a limited number of domains is a fair provider. Why so? The more domain names you have, the more different volumes of bandwidth they will need, and it will be portioned. While you getting more and more domain names, they s start requiring more bandwidth, and soon you will run out of it. For instance, if you have four domain names, your bandwidth will be divided into four parts.

Payments Should Be Done Monthly

There are many providers rendering cheap rates for services in case of yearly payment option. However, this is not a good idea, if you haven’t worked with a company before. If you face poor quality of services, or it becomes deteriorated after some time, you won’t be able to do anything, because you had already paid for the entire year. Why risking so much? Better choose a company offering dedicated servers in USA that offers benefits of quarterly or monthly payments. If there is money back guarantee, it’s a perfect solution.

Test Provider’s Customer Support Service

This is a thing that should be performed prior to ordering services. Send an e-mail to your provider and check what response time will be. It will definitely show the quality of the provider and competence of its client support team.

Refund Options

Also find out whether the provider offers refund options in case of malfunctions, problems in hosting and bad quality of service, or not. It is always a great advantage to have ability to be refunded by your provider. Save bill receipts, and if you have quality issues, don’t hesitate to ask for refund.

Why INXYHOST is a reasonable choice?

Still don’t know which provider is better? If you need a dedicated server in USA, INXYHOST is a great marketplace where you can find a solution with the most suitable configuration. We partner with one of the best American data-centers - TierPoint USA. Thanks to that, we guarantee that every dedicated server we offer provides 99.99% uptime, total reliability and safety of data. Besides, we have monthly payment option, and you don’t have to conclude any contracts. INXYHOST is a reasonable solution for high-quality web-hosting in the USA!

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