7 reasons to use CDN

CDN turned the world of web hosting upside down. Instead of keeping your website files on single server, you may distribute them and load them from different systems.

What files may be stored in CDN? Usually CDN is used to store such static resources as images, videos, audio, CSS files and JavaScript.

So what are the reasons to use CDN?

There are several reasons to use CDN for your website or company:

  1. Different domains

Usually browsers limit the number of simultaneous downloads for one domain. Most of them allow four simultaneous connections and therefore the fifth connection is put on hold until one of the first files is being fully downloaded.

CDN files are located on different domain and therefore CDN allows browser to download also the next 4 files at the same time.

  1. Files may be cached in advance

For today jQuery is used everywhere and there is a possibility that the files are already cached by your browser and you won't have to download them again.

  1. Infrastructure of high capacity.

You may have great hosting but it may lack the capacity of leading CDN providers and it may become very important in the end.

  1. Multiple data-centers

If your main web-server is located in Dallas, the users from Europe and Asia may have difficulties in speed of access to your website. CDN as a rule have localized data-centers that are located closer to user and as a result the downloads will be faster.

  1. Built-in control of the versions

With CDN it is often possible to control the versions of CSS files of the JavaScript libraries. You may also often request the latest library possible.

  1. Analytical information

Many commercial CDN make it possible to generate the reports that will be a good complimentary information to your other website analytics.

  1. Saving money and making performance better

CDN may divide the loads, save traffic, improve your website work and also decrease your spending.


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