5 reasons to use CDN

Today CDN (content delivery network) is not so expensive and the benefits are really high. We don’t say that you have to follow our opinion, but we would like to underline 5 simple reasons to connect CDN to your resource:

- loading times - it is the obvious advantage, the main idea that makes people connect their projects to CDN. This network will allow your project to load more quickly.

- decrease of load on the main server - CDN allows to decrease the load on the main server and distribute it across multiple servers all over the world

- global nature of CDN - if your project is intended not only for the local public, CDN will help you to give away your content on high speeds in different regions. Upon the whole it is very individual and depends on the coverage of the exact provider.

- cost decrease - it may be not so obvious. You may consider CDN to be another thing to spend money to, but actually it allows you to save on adding up processor speed or RAM. Geographically the benefits are even higher. Of course, you may buy several servers in different points of the world, but CDN usage will be much cheaper

- simplicity of connection - the integration usually is rather quick due to the simple structure. In general case the effect may be seen in several hours after the connection.

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