5 Reasons to upgrade from VPS to a dedicated server

Every level of web-hosting has its benefits for your web-site. Keeping in mind the requirements of your web-site you can opt for the right solution, and when you start realizing that VPS is not enough, you may continue with dedicated web hosting. Here are 5 main reasons to upgrade your hosting.

1. Higher speed, better stability and uptime. The best web hosting companies guarantee 99.9% uptime, so your site is very unlikely to experience downtime. For more stable and successful business, it is worth buying a dedicated server. Increased stability and reliability will definitely pay all expenses off.

2. Opportunity to use resource-intensive software and applications. If you want to expand your web-site, or use heavier applications, or upload videos and a lot of content, this will be a great solution. A dedicated server will ensure that you have enough resources to run the site at its peak, and other accounts won’t interfere with you.

3. Better access to your server. Root access is available on some VPS and dedicated server hosting only. If you need more opportunities and space for development, you are free to install extra software and achieve your goals.

4. Development of several web-sites. If you want to upgrade and have more clients, a dedicated server will give you the chance to host as many web-sites as you wish – the number of domains is either unlimited, or huge. With the help of Web Host Manager, you may give the clients their own cPanel while having control of the account on your dedicated server.

5. Business success. This is the main reason to upgrade. While your project is growing, traffic grows, too. To meet the demands of your visitors and give your server space for expanding client base, switch to a more powerful solution. This is especially important if you are going to launch a huge marketing campaign and get international attention.

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