4 questions to ask when choosing a CDN

It’s not a secret that CDN are highly popular and efficient today, and many companies and individual site developers aspire to use it in their work. Market is full of various offers, but you can’t just implement the first network you see. Here are four questions that matter while selecting a CDN.

1. Don’t hesitate to ask how a provider measures the level of performance. Of course, everybody will tell you their CDNs are high-quality, reliable and effective. But for some customers good performance means strong customer service and compliance with service level agreement (SLA) terms, while for others the speed of content delivery is what matters. So choose a CDN, basing on the combination of cost, SLA, customer service, etc.

2. Consider how users are compensated for network outages – they do happen, even if a provider guarantees a 100% uptime. The thing is that many providers promise a financial compensation only in cases you notice an outage and request for a credit. As a rule, the sum of credit depends on the time of outage, and no matter how minor the sum of compensation is, if a provider doesn’t manage to comply with the conditions of the contract, you better terminate it. Select SLAs that allow doing so.

3. How cost is calculated? There are two charge models: per-GB-delivered and per-Mbps-sustained. A client should ask providers which models they use, and choose the one which is more suitable and comprehensible for him.

4. What exactly a provider supplies in the aspect of delivery? Many providers mix up so-much popular now streaming with some other kinds of services.

While selecting a CDN, you should have a distinct idea of what you need, and the search won’t be so difficult.

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