3 Key Qualities of Dedicated Servers

The market of dedicated servers is so huge that it’s hard to make the right choice. How to find an ideal dedicated server solution? Analyze servers from three important standpoints: power of hardware, outstanding security and the location of data-center.

Without these features, you won’t benefit from smooth operation of your servers and may face serious problems. Here’s how you should make the solution.

Server hardware and power

An ideal dedicated server is:

- hosted in a SAS70/SSAE16 certified data center;

- features as 24/7 support, active control of security and backup options;

- stored in a datacenter with state-of-art facilities that ensure redundancy and efficient cooling;

- excellent security and protection against attacks and data breaches.

The best dedicated server meets these demands and may always be used for any purposes, be that website hosting, backup, database, application running and infrastructure development. Besides, dedicated servers are perfect for any kind of business regardless of scale (both minor companies and huge corporations will benefit from such solution).

Security and support

The best web hosting company always provides 24/7/365 support. Its team is ready to answer client’s questions, help with various issues and fix technical problems. Support team assists user in many aspects starting from setting up the server and finishing by maintenance. An undeniable advantage of dedicated servers is that you can enjoy free root access while having the server backed up by administrators. Thanks to round the clock security monitoring, server is protected as well as data stored there.


To ensure high speed and excellent performance, you should choose a dedicated web server located as close to your audience as possible. The less distance content has to travel, the quicker it will be delivered. That also reduces the risk of data loss.

Searching for a dedicated server company? InxyHost has the whole gamut of solutions that will meet your demands. Thanks to integrated approach, we provide dedicated servers of various configurations and help users to find the most optimal solution. With our dedicated servers, your company will benefit from fast and reliable hosting and sufficient amount of resources.

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