10 Reasons to Order a Dedicated Server

Since their emergence on the market, dedicated servers have undergone significant improvement and turned into the most advanced hosting solution than ever before. Modern dedicated hosting servers have many interesting features and are useful for both individuals and businesses seeking for hosting of resource-hungry websites.

A dedicated server solution prides itself on excellent quality of web hosting for large sites. But there are many other reasons why this solution is superb.

1. Although dedicated servers can’t be called the cheapest variant of hosting, you get what you pay for: outstanding performance, security, reliability and abundance of resource at your disposal. If you don’t have it all, it may cost you success of your site and loyalty of your users.

2. Possibility to develop. If you want to attract visitors to you website, you will need a server that may deal with the traffic. The ability to handle it and use better applications and software will make your site better and draw a higher amount of visitors.

3. Make priority. It’s up to you to decide on how CPU and memory is used, and you can balance server load according to your demands.

4. You can select any applications, software and tools installed and run on the dedicated server.

5. Free customization. Every decision you make does not depend on anyone else. You don’t have to ask permission for changes – your server is totally independent. This is a great opportunity for those who used shared servers before and know what it is like to depend on other users.

6. Choose the best web hosting company’s solution, and you will manage and control all traffic coming to your site even in case of sudden surge. A dedicated web server is a reliable and powerful solution that features the most advanced configurations.

7. Saving of money. If you are still on a shared server with your popular and large website, you probably overload the server and pay much for your share of resources. Probably, with an upgraded solution you will actually save money.

8. Definitely, security is one of number one priorities for website. While shared servers call this aspect into question, dedicated servers ensure maximum security of your data. You don’t have to worry that someone will get access to your server.

9. Superiority of configuration. A dedicated server is better in every aspect than a shared server. So if your website is ready for it, don’t hesitate and buy the best you can get.

10. Your server is dedicated only to you. This is why it is called so. Be sure: no one will interfere, tamper or customize it. The server will suit your exact needs, and you won’t be affected by anyone’s actions.

Dedicated server is a possibility to have enough resources and handle any amount of traffic without depending on other users. Today, this is the most advanced solution for web hosting and it turns out to be not as expensive as it seems.



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