10 reasons to choose dedicated server

The functions and the capabilities of dedicated servers have been changing over the time. It can be seen if we look at the dedicated servers from the moment they began their existence to modern times. Nowadays they are attractive solutions in terms of hosting.

They have very good and attractive capabilities both for big businesses and individuals who seek for the advanced platform for their high-loaded websites.

The main idea of the dedicated server is to cope with the user traffic on the websites. Generally there are many reasons to choose such server.

However the dedicated server may be not a good solutions for the websites that do not need such things. Nevertheless you should choose this type of hosting if your website is big enough – it will give good uptime.

Let us see 10 main reasons to use the dedicated server:

1 – the term “dedicated” means that the server is only yours. You will not have to feel any influence and you will be able to modify it according to your likings

2 – Capabilities – if you have enough funds, you’d better choose the powerful hardware because your project will develop and the audience will grow

3 – Security – the priority for any project. If you don’t share your hosting with anybody it heightens its security. Nobody will be able to do anything to your data.

4 – Economy – in case you use shared hosting for a big project or a row of high-loaded websites it may occur that the shared hosting is overloaded and you overpay much money. Probably, the dedicated server will even be able to save money.

5 – Productivity – the dedicated server is very effective, it allows to control and to rule the traffic that comes to your website and will respond well to great increases in it. Dedicated server is very powerful, reliable, secure and meets all the requirements.

6 – Tuning – dedicated server may be tuned according to your needs and this is what any project requires

7 – Availablility of choice – you choose for yourself how your server works, what applications, web-instruments and software to install.

8 – Priorities – the decision is always up to you. You decide what CPU power and how much RAM is needed for your server and therefore are able to balance the load on the server.

9 – Ambitions – if you plan to attract more visitors to your website, you will need dedicated server. It will help you to cope with increased traffic volumes and will be able to provide more advanced software and applications that will be able to make your website better.

10 – Costs – initially it may seem that dedicated server is not that cheap, but actually you get everything for your money – it has needed productivity, security and reliability.

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