5 reasons why your business may need CDN

If you have been interested in web hosting recently, of course you should have heard about CDN. Having your own business you realize all the importance of web-presence. There are several indicators that may help to determine whether your business needs CDN or not. Let us underline them:

1. Speed is very important and your website is not speedy enough

It is well known that Google takes speed into account when showing the search results. The quicker your website loads the higher it will be in the search results and this is important for

2. Your website attracts many users (has much media rich content).

One of the ways to understand that your website needs CDN is the amount of web content, as well as media content uploaded by users. If it is high, CDN will allow to do the task more effectively.

3. You expect rapid growth or viral content

The sharp flow of users may be totally unexpected by your hosting - CDN will allow to cope with the flow and decrease the load on your main server.

4. You are online vendor

The online trading websites should be quick and highly interactive. CDN will allow to achieve this in a comfortable way.

5. You work with clients all over the world

In case you see traffic from all over the world you should think about using CDN because your users thus will get content equally quick in different geographical locations.

If you have at least one of those reasons, you should choose to use CDN.

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