INXY LTD and the Client signed the Agreement. The Parties agree that the Agreement takes precedence over this document (SLA). In case of the conflict of the terminology of this SLA and the Agreement, the Agreement is preferred. The terms used in current SLA have the same meaining as in the Agreement.

  1. SLA

1.1 The Client is responsible for the proper use of the Equipment both belonging to INXY LTD and the Client;

1.2 According to this SLA INXY LTD provides technical support for the Equipment that is leased by Client or belonging to the Client.

1.3 The Client also may ask INXY LTD to provide services that are not covered by current SLA and INXY LTD will bill the Client for any of such services.

1.4 INXY LTD won’t charge the Client for SLA and/or additional Services that should be provided because of not proper work or conduct or fault of INXY LTD towards the Equipment leased by Client. INXY LTD will charge the Client for SLA and/or any additional support in case it is needed for the reasons not caused by the fault of the work of INXY LTD.

1.5 INXY LTD may refuse to give the Client any additional support that is not covered by this SLA. Such measures will be the whole responsibility of the Client. Also INXY LTD has the right to refuse to perform certain operations if such operations cannot be provided in a certain data-center or in case such operation is prohibited in any ways.

  1. Service availability

INXY LTD does its best commercial and non-commercial efforts to provide service availability of 99.99% or higher. The service availability is calculated as the number of hours that the service is available to the client plus the number of hours of planned technical works divided for the number of hours in the current month.

In case the Services will be unavailable, INXY LTD will credit month’s service fee under following conditions:

99.8% - 99.8%: reimbursement of 5%

95% - 99.8%: reimbursement of 25 %

90% - 94.9%: reimbursement of 50%

89.9% and below: full reimbursement of monthly fee.

To get such reimbursement the Client has to request it in written form in 7 business days since the Service unavailability. The requests should be sent to email

For security purposes the request should contain the number of server, date and time when the Service was unavailable. In case it is proved that the Service was unavailable, the reimbursement will take place in 60 days since the request. There will be no reimbursement if the Client has not ordered any Services.


  1. Planned maintenance works - the announcement of such works will be made either on the website or through the direct contact with the client via authorized email that is used as a login for the user account.
  2. In case not porper work of user with equipment or equipment failure, government decisions, war, sabotage, embargo, strike, flooding,any other reasons causing labor problems, armed assault, failure of third-party services, software or equipment.
  1. Time of response

3.1 INXY LTD will do its best to answer the Client properly

3.2 The Client should remain available via email address used as login in the account of the Client.

  1. Additional Support

Client may ask INXY LTD to provide additional support, such as sowtware loading or any upgrade of the Equipment. INXY LTD may accept or decline such request. The Client should express his needs in the written form. Nvertheless, in areas not covered by regular technical support, INXY LTD does not guarantee the qualification of the IT specialists in those fields.INXY LTD will charge the Client for any additional support.

  1. Restrictions and limitations

5.1 The Client has no right to make structural changes of the Equipment without written consent of INXY LTD

5.2 This SLA uses the Best Effort Policy. INXY LTD does not guarantee that the equipment of the Client will be repaired or changed;

5.3 In case of breach of the Agreement and Order Form by the Client INXY LTD has the right to suspend this SLA, including technical support. INXY LTD will inform the Client of such suspension and give justification for such decision.

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