Data-centers for owners: risks and costs

The cost of data-center owning and operating is becoming more and more complex. There appear more and more elements that have to be included in such calculation and it becomes more hard. Here’s what has to be taken into account by owners and operators of data-centers:

  • The facilities of infrastructure
  • Energetic efficiency
  • Used hardware
  • Cloud technologies (private or public)
  • Collocation
  • Ability to quickly recover data after disasters
  • Migration
  • Software
  • Scalability and modularity
  • Containers
  • Costs for network maintenance and work
  • Personnel
  • Different laws

The main risk and the main concern is the security of data. It is really so, because the customers data is constantly endangered. It is necessary to understand that any third-party service use (collocation or use of cloud technologies) makes the risk of data security higher. The data may be lost and the business therefore damaged. It is necessary to understand that even in case the data is stored in cloud, the providers of the cloud technologies are seldom liable in case of theft, loss or damage of the data.

All of these facts lead to the changes in the industry. There are also other risks that are not connected exactly with user data. They may appear when the provider goes out of business or bankrupt. Then it is necessary to move the data and such movement usually is connected with additional costs in terms of money and time. Sometimes several years may be needed to transfer data.

Thus the model of the data-center ownership is highly connected with risks and many other factors.


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