Advertisement and CDN

When using the online advertisement solutions speed means a lot. The great percentage of online video and downloadable content can be delivered by means of online advertisement. Also there may be used the separate platform for HTTP streaming content delivery that make use of adaptive technologies in terms of bitrate. Receiving information as quickly as possible means the increase of the income. That is why it is really important to get information in real time, when the updates occur every second. Advertisement networks use these data to increase the revenue over their platforms. Thus CDN can be really helpful for advertising.

The faster the response of CDN is, the more valuable the advertisement is. If you create and allocate your own content, you fully understand the importance of the fast loading of banners, video-content, animation files and other means of advertisement. CDN response time can be decreased by tuning the network individually and using different speed optimization – this way the clients will be able to distribute their content much quicker.

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