Our dedicated servers solutions

A dedicated server ordered in INXYHOST can be deployed for different purposes – our solutions are versatile. No matter what it is used for, you will always enjoy high performance, 100% reliability and excellent technical support. Spheres of application include:

  1. Game server that can be used by developers of MMORPG and video game producers. It will handle a large amount of traffic providing players with high loading speed and normal ping.
  2. Storage server allows for storing and processing a lot of information without threat to its security. Many enterprises order a big data server to keep their corporative data safe and sound. You can access the data anytime, anywhere.
  3. Backup server will store a copy of your website, or online business infrastructure. No worrying about data loss or damage – you will always be able to restore it.
  4. Resellers can use a dedicated server for hosting their websites and being able to process a lot of traffic and transactions. Now personal data is properly protected, and you can streamline full sales cycle easily.
  5. Website hosting is the most common sphere of application. If you have resource-intensive websites and large online projects, a dedicated server will provide you with enough resources and ideal performance.
  6. Enterprise hosting is perfect for organizations that need an integrated system for data exchange and workflow optimization. Run any business applications you need, and enjoy overall control over the server.
  7. MySQL servers are suitable for running small and middle-sized applications, databases and directories.

Contact our support agents, and they will figure out an optimal solution for your purposes. Our dedicated servers guarantee excellent performance, no matter what you use them for.

High performance servers

Inxyhost.com works with world’s most advanced data centers (EvoSwitch, SwitcDC, Equinix, etc.) and offers dedicated servers with various characteristics.


Storage Servers

Need to store and manage a large database? With a dedicated server you will store and process gigabytes of information safely. Our MySQL servers ensure total security and 24/7 availability.


Unmetered dedicated servers

If you need to host resource intensive websites and want a highly productive solution with a consistent level of bandwidth, Inxyhost.com is exactly what you need!


Dedicated Game Server

Our servers have enough power to process data for the most detailed and complex MMORPG games. Outstanding user experience is guaranteed even if you have thousands of visitors every day.


Website Hosting

Host as many websites and domains as you need and power your projects with enough resources and bandwidth. User will enjoy high loading speed even in case of traffic spikes.


Dell dedicated servers

Inxyhost.com works with trusted hardware producers, and offers powerful and reliable Dell dedicated servers.