FAQFind basic information about INXYHOST.COM and services we provide.

What we do?

INXYHOST.COM is a well-established reseller that offers hosting solutions from the biggest and reliable providers. We focus on dedicated servers and add them with worthy technical support.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a hosting solution that completely belongs to one user only. It means that if you lease such server, you won’t have to share it with other users. All resources and processing power will be at your disposal.

Which kinds of dedicated servers do we offer?

We provide Dell and SuperMicro dedicated servers with supreme configurations and characteristics. You can choose a single or dual processor solution based on your demands. You are free to select a server in European (Amsterdam), or American data centers.

Do I need a dedicated server?

This hosting solution is suitable for high-traffic websites, huge databases, application development and testing and other resource-hungry projects, for instance MMORPG and online game distribution. Please, contact our support team to define whether dedicated server is optimal for your website.

Why working with INXYHOST.COM?

While offering dedicated servers from world’s best providers we top it off with supreme 24/7 customer support, convenient payment options and absence of contracts. We have competitive prices and regular sales to help you save on hosting.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our support team via Skype Inxy.com or live chat on website.