How Much Hosting Resources Do You Need

How to calculate the required amount of resources for your website? Let’s find out what disk space and bandwidth are, and how to estimate their optimal amount for your project.
How Much Hosting Resources Do You Need

In order to choose a suitable hosting plan, you should have a clear understanding of how much resources your website needs, including disk space and bandwidth. How to estimate your web hosting needs? Let’s learn to calculate approximate amount of resources your project requires.

Disk space

Disk space is the volume of data that can be stored on your web-server. Of course, the amount of required space depends on the size of your website. The vast majority of websites consist of HTML (text), images, videos, Flash, or combinations of all these components.

Text doesn’t require much space, while images and videos are far more expensive – they require more disk space.

ou can store on the web server. Obviously, the amount of space needed depends on the size of your website. Most websites are composed of HTML (text), images, Flash, or a combination of all. Ideally, a web-page should be under 50-60 Kb with images and flash, because some people exploit dial-up connections at the speed under 56 Kb/sec. For them a 60 Kb page will take over 8 seconds to load! Whenever in doubt, refer to dial-up connection for your reference. If it loads normally with slow dial-up, it will work flawlessly with high-speed connection.

Think of it: if average size of your page is 50 Kb, 20 pages will require only 1 Mb of space, which means you can host as much as 200 pages on 100 Mb of disk space!


Bandwidth is data that you can deliver to and from your server on a monthly basis. That includes everything: downloads and uploads, HTTP and FTP. Bandwidth is defined by web page size, number of visitors and the number of pages they open.

For instance, if you have 20,000 visitors per month (more than 650 visitors a day), opening 5 pages each, your website will require about 5,000 Mb, or 5 Gb of bandwidth every month. This is a pretty high number that even some large websites cannot reach.

If you’ve just launched your website, there isn’t much possibility that you may need a lot of space and bandwidth. Unless you have certain numbers and evidence that your website has lots of viewers, and/or you offer music and video download, there’s no reason to worry about bandwidth and disk space. You will have the opportunity to upgrade down the road any time you need.


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