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How to increase traffic on the website

How to boost traffic on your website? No matter what you specialize on, these 23 techniques will improve user experience and let people know about the existence of your project. Here’s what you can do online and offline to expand your presence.

Tips for Building a User-Friendly Website

How to make users feel comfortable on your website and encourage them to surf it? Implement the ten techniques for making your website more user-friendly: each of them will boost visitors’ satisfaction and attract attention.

How Much Should I Pay for Hosting?

How much should website hosting cost? Let’s find out what’s an optimal price of hosting solutions for small businesses, and which features should be taken into consideration.

How Much Hosting Resources Do You Need

How to calculate the required amount of resources for your website? Let’s find out what disk space and bandwidth are, and how to estimate their optimal amount for your project.

What Is PHP Hosting?

Searching for an efficient and versatile hosting option? You should consider PHP scripting language. Learn the basics of PHP hosting and its benefits.

What type of hosting do you need

Let’s clear up the difference between five main hosting options, reveal their advantages and drawbacks, and figure out which option is suitable for your online business.

What is a Dedicated Server?

There are many different hosting solutions around, and a dedicated server is one of the most advanced options. This detailed guide will give you an insight into the essence of dedicated servers and purposes they are used for.